Better World by Design

Nov 2016—Nov 2017
BWxD 10th Year Anniversary Conference
Committee: Branding + Web

Better World by Design is a student-led initiative at Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design that celebrates interdisciplinary collaboration between designers, educators, innovators, and learners. We envision a world where design-thinking is accessible to everyone in order to catalyze positive change on a local and global scale. To celebrate Better World’s 10th-year anniversary, the committee decided to break the conversational mold and reflect upon both our organization’s history and our common future. Our 2017 theme, Blocks, Bytes, and Bars, used symbols to provide an alternative method of conceiving the design process. These three objects represent design’s traditional past, technological present, and aspirational future.

Wayfinding + Day-of Site

Timeline: 1 Week
Student Developer: Nick Tomlin

This year, as part of our sustainability initiative, we hosted our scheduling and wayfinding system on a digital platform. In order to facilitate the movement of over 500 attendees across Brown and RISD campuses for a total of 3 days, the conference day-of site was designed for a primarily mobile experience. It also enabled a fast, flexible coding system for our student developer to accommodate schedule changes and event updates within a tight one-week timeline.

Restructuring the Main Site

Timeline: 1 Month
Student Developer: Nick Tomlin

Over the years, Better World has continuously reshaped its web presence. While our foundational code and hosting platform were rudimentary, we worked within existing time and resource limitations to restructure some content and design frameworks for future committees.