Jan—May 2017
Client: Fetchum Co. (Providence, RI)
Team: Sudiksha Krishnan, Raj Jaiswal
Timeline: 5 Months

In 2017, I volunteered to work on the visuals for a Brown-based startup company that was producing a delivery app service. Fetchum prides itself on catering specifically to campus culture and offering cheap, fast deliveries of items such as stationery, material supplies, books, and food through registered deliverers called chums. As such, the app called for a college-centric tone, with a quick, efficient, and uplifting platform.

01: Placing an Order

The ordering workflow is streamlined to 3 major inputs: the location you want to order from, what you want to order, and where you want it delivered. Orders can be saved and re-accessed for quick favorites or future convenience.

02: Order confirmation / Delivery / Tip

Order info displays your selected chum, delivery time, surge charges, and service fee. Similar to the Venmo system, users can choose to pay in Chumbucks as well. After the order (and tip) has been confirmed and the app enters delivery stage, screens employ an inverse palette with gray as the background to signify a change in user flow. The app automatically tracks your Chum and delivers updates on their progress.

03: Legal / Help / Become a Chum

This miscellaneous section provides legal information and channels for help, in case anything goes wrong during the ordering or delivery process. Users can also apply to be employed as a Chum, and after being contacted by a representative, will be given an enrollment code to activate their status.

04: Chum Profile / Delivery Checkpoints

The flow of the app looks a little different from the deliverer's side. Registered Chums are required to attend a mandatory training session, and the app allows them to schedule shifts, update their card balance, view their ratings, as well as coordinate with the customer during the delivery process. Each Chum can take up to 3 delivery requests at one time, and access these orders by swiping through the tabs.

Sample Flows

Screen Set A: Customer Flow

Screen Set B: Chum Flow