Long Live Modernism!

Sep—Oct 2016
RISD Type 3 Studio
Timeline: 1 Month

A book project facilitating a conversation among 3 essays: Long Live the Modern Movement! by Massimo Vignelli, Zombie Modernism by Jeffrey Keedy, and Rethinking Modernism, Revising Functionalism by Katherine McCoy. Photos and artwork were chosen and curated to display a wide range of design-related works and to complement the narrative flow of the book.

As I analyzed the relationship between the 3 essays, I felt that the dynamic between Keedy and McCoy was more like a debate or conversation, whereas Vignelli’s essay felt isolated, steadfast, and held on to principles that were rooted in tradition and possibly less relevant to an increasingly fluid design world. I chose to typeset Keedy and McCoy’s essays within the inner spreads of the book and designed Vignelli’s essay as a dust jacket that wraps around the academic conversation, a move that symbolizes Vignelli’s attempt to contain divergent ideas (to no avail) but also subtly holding them together in the process.