Mapping South Water

Oct 2016
RISD Design Studio 3
Timeline: 1 Week

An interactive installation about mapping South Water Street near the Providence River. As college students, the memories we associate with this pensive street are dynamic and numerous. I was interested in creating a map-making archive that allows users to create disposable maps from their own memory. As such, the maps lead to arbitrary, psychological places, and instead of finding a physical destination, users retrace the experience of another stranger who has passed through the same space. The final crowdsourcing interface invites users to draw a route and type out an associated memory, which they can print instantly as a pre-formatted map from a printer next to the computer, adding to the stack of archived memories.

Click for Scaled Demo
This program is for laptop view only.

Inspired by the 1960s language-processing AI therapist ELIZA, I also wanted to probe the idea of psychological correspondence between humans and computers. While we view computers as the champion of objective logic, perhaps due to their seemingly unprejudiced exteriors, many of us seem comfortable with divulging emotions and thoughts to insensate digital entities. I was surprised to find a few rather emotional memories included in the crowdsourced archive, some quite honest and painful to read.

Other Mapping Explorations

Preliminary ideation and mapping exercises in the format of 10x10in graphic maps.